Assignment B – Compare/Contrast Essay 2

Reflections on Readings

I chose the readings by Antoine Picon and Saskia Sassen regarding digital technology in relation to traditional forms of architectural representation thinking that it could relate to sculptural forms in architecture. The digital technology that they refer to allows for the creation of new geometric forms, which could not be generated with traditional representation. So in that way I thought to explore more on the topic of sculptural form. However, both articles more centrally focused on the implications of the new technology in terms of materiality, and what I was looking for was more in regards to functionality and performance. Both these articles represented contrasting points of view toward my own thoughts about sculptural form. They both discuss the lack of tectonic expression in their digitally generated forms, while I have always pictured tectonic ideas, especially in regards to structure, to be well expressed rather than hidden and not understood in relation to the form. It is my thought that the structure should actually reinforce or support the form of the enclosure.



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