Assignment C – Book Review

 Inside/Outside: Between Architecture and Landscape. Anita Berrizbeitia and Linda Pollak. Gloucester, Massachusetts: Rockport Publishers (1999)

Linda Pollak and Anita Berrizbeitia’s Inside/Outside: Between Architecture and Landscape (1999) argues that a combination of factors have led to a deep division between architecture and landscape, and they construct a framework with which to understand the relationships between them. Pollak and Berrizbeitia define five operations each offering an approach to constructing relationships between architecture and landscape. The purpose of the text is to present a new approach to the representation of relationships between architecture and landscape in order to present opportunities for design outside of the conventional discourse. The text presents a fresh look at issues of representation using ordinary language aimed at attracting not only architects and landscape architects but academics and professors as well.

Inside/Outside: Between Architecture and Landscape Review. Land Forum. Julia Czerniak. District of Columbia: Rockport Publishers (1999)

Julia Czerniak’s review of Inside/Outside: Between Architecture and Landscape in The Land Forum (1999) asserts that readers will find reward in multiple readings of Inside/Outside. Czerniak backs up this claim by describing the complexities in the thoughtful writing and ideas proposed by Inside/Outside. The purpose of this review is to identify the strengths of Berrizbeitia and Pollak’s work, and to suggest an interconnection of the operations not discussed in the book. Considering the source of the review, The Land Forum, the intended audience for the review is landscape architects and those interested in garden design, but the review is written to architects and landscape architects as a whole.


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