Design Probe

Design Probe [Utoya Island, Norway]

The intervention memorializes the massacre in Norway last year by taking the form of the killer’s path. The form emerges from the water, its axis aligned with the location of the killer’s first attack in Oslo. It then snakes along the island, wrapping the two existing buildings the killer passed, and then terminates in the water at the opposite end of the island at the terminus of the attacks. The intervention is composed of two systems symbolic of life and death: one solid and heavy, and another light and transparent. The point at which the two systems meet, the point between life and death, is the location which breaks the intervention and connects the two shores of the island. The transparent system becomes fragmented to represent the uncertainty of life, and is not completely transparent as one cannot always see what lies ahead. The two systems create one coherent whole and overlap each other representing the link between life and death.



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