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The map below shows Utoya Island in relation to the government building in Oslo. Anders Behring Breivik first detonated a car-bomb in front of the government building, and then traveled 19 miles to Lake Tyrifjorden where he boarded a ferry to Utoya Island dressed as a police officer. Once on the Island Breivik began a killing spree that lasted nearly an hour and a half. The two attacks totaled seventy-seven casualties, sixty-nine of which were children at the youth camp on Utoya Island.



Landscape Imbued with Meaning


This text documents the beginning studies of a thesis which began with a broad interest in architecture and landscape, and which found a focus on meaning in architecture and landscape. Through initial research regarding the topic of site and landscape design came a realization of an interest in meaning embodied in the dialog between architecture and landscape. Therefore, the work produced begins purely as a study of landscape before shifting to focus on meaning. It should be recognized that the new focus does not disregard the previous work around landscape; the two are connected and the research in the first is integral to the study of meaning.

Care must be taken to imbue a place with meaning; it cannot be something reused from works of the past. It should be instead a practice which understands the specific place, context, and time in which it is placed. In this way it can gain meaning to those who use the space, a meaning which may not be precisely the one desired by the designer. Through design techniques which embody feelings ranging from sorrow to joy the stage can be set for a place to earn meaning. For an intervention on the landscape to become meaningful one must foster its creation.


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