Themes from previous work

This project explored the the physical manipulation of the landscape through the intervention of architecture. The project was sited on an imagined natural landscape with a consistent slope. The simple architectural element of the wall acts as the initial force upon the landscape. The action of the wall cutting into the topography begins the distortion of the existing contours, and from there the contours fall back down the slope eventually easing back into the natural contours of the site. The second architectural element complements the creation of the new contours.


Looking back at previous work there is an idea about procession that is a reoccurring idea in many projects. All of these projects took place under the frame of a studio focused on landscape. Each one looks at not only having a clear processional idea, but also allowing for a freedom of circulation where one is allowed to choose their own path and make their own individual discoveries. The use of simple architectural elements, such as the wall, act as a visual guide to lead the user to the end discovery.

The sections below show spaces of different scale along the procession where the user can be drawn off the prescribed course and make their own discoveries. The tree canopies above head are all of different heights within the spaces to create a sense of compression and release within the stopping points.

The study models below show an idea about procession across a large site. The program of a schoolhouse has been spread across the site representing the procession students make as they get older in school. Each satellite contains a group of classrooms so that the different grades are not isolated from each other, and each contains a special program such as a music classroom or library so that during the regular school week each student gets the opportunity to travel to different satellites.